The birth of CF Flower Prints began 20 years ago, though I hadn't thought about them then, but being in the photography business for so long allowed me to discover them. I've seen many changes in the photography world from polaroids, medium format film, 35mm film, and digital. Throughout the ever fast moving world of photography, I've remained passionate about my craft.


CF Flower Prints were first created, playing around in Photoshop. The process in short is taking a digital photograph of a real stemmed flower or stemmed flowers in a controlled light and then manipulating them just enough in Photoshop to make them appear to be a sketch of a flower.



Our Collectible Prints are acid free and archival. They will last in a home environment for 100 years, longer with archival preservation measures. 


Our Hand Lettered Personalization Option is a nice touch for artwork to be hung in your home or given as a gift for weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc.



Our Greeting Cards

Our cards are printed on acid-free, archival, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. They may be framed, making them a double gift to the recipient. 

Our Light Switch Covers are made with the old art of decoupage. Each handmade.








We've modernized the botanical sketch, using today's photography techniques.

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